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Highlighting the issues that are affecting you and your local community, environment, and wildlife. Courtesy of your friendly neighboorhood Greens!


The Eve of the Climate Election

Tomorrow is December 12th, election day. This is the eve of the #ClimateElection 🌎 Despite the looming and imminent threat of climate...


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Meet Nigel

Your Green Party Candidate

Nigel has been an avid campaigner and advocate for the environment since the 1980s. After reading the book 'Entropy' by Jeremy Rifkin, Nigel became aware of our current trajectory of climate change and the extreme methods of extracting fossil fuels from the earth. These seemed like distant concepts until a fracking licence was won on his doorstep in beautiful rural Cheshire. This inspired Nigel to join the green party and speak clearly to Ineos and big energy: we will not stand idly by while you frack our future! Being vegetarian for ethical and environmental reasons he has also fought for animal justice, standing against illegals hunts, the shooting of birds and animals, badger culling, habitat loss and animal testing. 

Taking personal responsibility for the fight against climate change has always been a priority for Nigel. After learning of the dangers of climate change 40 years ago, he did not step foot on an aeroplane again. Nigel and his wife, Helen, decided to have just one child and to this day their family treads lightly on the planet. However none of us are perfect, and we cannot solve the ecological crisis with personal changes alone.  Governments need to take meaningful action, and time is short. It is now or never for the people of Tatton (and the world) to vote to save our environment.  A vote for the Green Party is a vote for our climate and preservation of our wildlife.